What is Clearance Testing After Mold Remediation?

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What is Clearance testing and why is it so important?

3rd party clearance testing is part of a mold remediation project as it requires an independent certified air quality professional to test the previously affected area to ensure the work was successful in restoring the levels of mold to a safe and normal fungal ecology environment. It also shows if additional work may need to be done.

The criteria based on the IICRC S520 Standard for Mold Remediation is that the level of mold spores to be similar to outdoor levels, so typically there would need to be an air sampling done outdoors as a control sample as well as the indoor areas that had been affected.

It’s always essential to have the testing done by a company that is not associated with the mold remediation company doing the work so that there isn’t any conflict of interest.

We work with Kitchener Ontario’s top Independent Environmental Professionals and can recommend them, or you are free to choose one of your own choices. Our only request is that the company chosen is certified to do the sampling and can write a scope of work that can be understood and followed and that conforms to the IICRC Standards.

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