How To Interpret Lab Results From Mold Sampling

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When you receive your lab results from an air sampling done by an indoor environmental professional, it can be a bit confusing. This post was written to give you a bit of insight on what is normal vs. abnormal fungal ecology levels.

The fact is Mold spores can be found both indoors as well in outdoor environments.  It is perfectly normal to find low levels of mold spores in an indoor environment’s air. These mold spores are typically brought in from the outdoors. However, if there is mold growth within the building or structure, the spore count in the indoor’s air could indeed become alarmingly high.

While there is no official guideline on interpreting mould concentration levels within a home or building, this is a simplified way of reading the laboratory results with a fairly high degree of accuracy.

Here below is an experts’ opinion which should aid you in interpreting laboratory results. The numbers indicated are a correlation between the spore count and overall building’s condition. If your mold spore count level is high, you should discuss the results with engineers or a mold remediation specialist. Under no circumstances, should spore count levels be used to assess the effect of mold on an individual’s health or condition.


Table. Typical mold levels found in clean and contaminated buildings 

Level  Indications and notes
50-  Trace Level
200-  Very low levels
500-  Normal level
1000-  Clean building with HVAC
1500-  Normal for enclosed building
2000-  Clean building without HVAC
3000-  Potential issue
5000-  Possible mold amplification
10000-  Remediation might be needed
25000-  Cleaning might be needed  
75000-  Need for professional cleanup 
100000-  Need for professional remediation 
500000-  Chronic mold amplification
1000000-  Inadequate flood cleanup


Source: Air Analysis Inc.  and Environmental Analysis Associates

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