20 Interesting Things About Mold

Here Are 20 Interesting Things About Mold.


1. Mold is Linked to Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

2. Spraying Bleach on Mold is not Recommended

3. There is a Link Between Mold and Miscarriage

4. Vitamin D Supplements Help Fight Mold Allergies

5. Mold Causes Rashes

6. Mold Will Not Eat a Happy Meal

7. Dead Mold Spores Are Just As Harmful as Live Spores

8. Mold is Used in Biological Warfare

9. Mold is Linked to Multiple Sclerosis

10. Mold in Schools Cause Sickness

11. Mold Inspections Are Important When Buying a Home

12. Mold is Linked to Cancer

13. Christmas Trees Cause Allergies Because of Mold

14. Mold Damage Costs More Than Half A Trillion Dollars Per Year

15. Mold is a Crisis for First Nations

16. Mold Causes Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

17. Mold Can Damage the Systems of Your Body

18. Almost All Sinus Infections are Caused by Mold

19. Mold is Thought to be a Cause of Asthma

20. Mold is Linked to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)