Mold Testing Services | Kitchener, Ontario

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Testing For Mould

Typically we begin by performing a detailed assessment of your indoor air quality with a number of tests specifically to your situation. This is address the suspicions and concerns you might have. This is ALWAYS done by a 3rd party in order to prevent a conflict of interest and preserve integrity.


When companies offer their own testing or worse their “free air sampling” it is always a red flag and should be avoided.


Whether it’s an environmental assessment, Ministry compliance or you simply want to know about your air quality, we can help.

The methods used provide a scientific measurement and not a guess and after meeting with you we can recommend the type of testing you need to specifically address your situation.

An IEP (Indoor Environmental Professional) will come to your home or office and do a complete assessment of the indoor air quality.
Once we do this test, we will have the answers and know EVERYTHING!

Nothing can hide; we can find it even if it is behind your walls. It’s simple and it does not take very long.
Upon Lab results, you will receive our detailed interpretation report with the conclusion, the possible problem areas and how to solve the issue if need be.


What can the indoor air quality testing detect?

Our Kitchener indoor air quality testing services include the Analysis and Report of fungi (mold), bacteria (legionella, e. coli, salmonella, listeria…etc.),  mycotoxins, endotoxins, allergens, pollen, radon and particulates in the air, swab, water, soil, asbestos, bulk, dust, wipe, food and consumer products.


The effect of Mold on Air Quality

Who needs IAQ testing in Kitchener, Ontario?


Indoor air quality testing is recommended if:

♦You need to comply with a City ordinance or regulation.
♦You are suffering from health issues in a particular place only and not elsewhere.
♦You purchased a former grow-op home.
♦You suspect of hidden mold.
♦Your new home inspection found mould and you want to check other areas of the home.


If you suspect that you have Mold, or detect an “Earthy, Musty” smell, or have symptoms of Mold related health issues please call us today to book an air quality test and an inspection.